A Tragedy, And A Divine Intervention

There Are Days When Things Happen Not Easily Explained

Royalty-Free Photo, Lake Whitney, Hamden CT. The Crazy Tourist

The day gave no warning of the drama about to unfold.

Walking along Whitney Avenue to buy the Sunday paper was a ritual for my dog Bailey and me. We’d walk along beautiful Lake Whitney, crossing an old stone bridge, allowing water to flow underneath to its many tributaries.

Due to a violent thunderstorm the night before, the flora hung heavy with dew, causing the bright sun to cast an iridescent light on all it touched. It was a gloriously warm day, fragrant with flowers in early summer.


Twenty minutes into our walk, as we approached the convenience store, Bailey found a telephone pole with a lot of tantalizing dog information. She wouldn’t move even with a gentle tug on her leash. While waiting, I stood with my back to the street, facing a chain-link fence skirting the grounds of a Catholic school. My eyes closed, I let her enjoy her sniffing while I breathed in the peaceful moment.

I was still in my reverie, enjoying the moment, when suddenly, I heard what sounded like a speeding car approaching, its engine roaring. My eyes popped opened, startled, I was ready to jump to safety, but no vehicle approached.

I closed my eyes once more. A few minutes later, I heard the same sound, but the moment I heard it, I felt a gentle but insistent pressure against my back below my shoulder blades, encouraging me to move.

In my mind’s eye, at the same moment, I saw myself being propelled through the air, violently, a powerful force hurling me against the chain-link fence. Once more, hearing the roar of a speeding car in my head.

This image was terrifying, giving me an uneasy feeling, so I said, “come Bailey, we need to go.” I hastened toward the small convenience store, trying to breathe away the alarming sight and haunting sound; only I could see and hear.

As I entered the store, I noticed a pile of newspapers. Leaning over, I took one and waited to pay the attendant. While in line, I heard the sound of crunching metal and a heavy pounding sound, not once but three times in succession. Everyone in line turned toward the doorway with questioning looks.

Stepping out, paper in hand, I walked into a surreal scene; A mangled car flipped on its hood near the church. I noticed the telephone pole where Bailey and I were standing, cut in two with shards of the enormous wooden pole all around. The top half, thrust like a javelin onto the center of the street.

I began to shake. A witness saw the look of fear and confusion on my face, and came over to see if I was alright while recreating what just occurred. He told me, “the car was traveling at excessive speed, unable to navigate the curve in the road the driver lost control of the vehicle smashing into the telephone pole. The car then flipped twice, landing on its hood.”

He continued, “We ran over to help but looking into the vehicle, we saw two young drivers not moving. It didn’t appear they were conscious adding, they weren’t wearing seat belts.”

Bystanders tried to open the doors to help the teens, but the crushed metal from the impact sealed the doors, only the window glass shattered away. I heard the sirens from the firehouse nearby, speeding to the scene.

While walking home, I kept thinking, “what if I lingered a little longer near the telephone pole, and what energy pushed me to safety?” Three times, in five years, I was protected from near-death by an energy I couldn’t see or hear, and by a name I didn’t know.

My heart was heavy, deeply saddened by what just unfolded; My thoughts kept going back to the image of the two teens trapped in their overturned vehicle.

The ambulance passed us, making its way to the hospital. Sadly, it traveled slowly. I guess there was no need to rush with flashing lights and sirens.
As I approached home, I began to realize that what I heard and saw, in my mind’s eye, was the precognition of a tragedy about to unfold.


My friend Mike and I sat together a few nights later, trying to imagine all the possibilities of why I experienced this precognition. What was the energy that led me away from danger and possible death? Our conjecture, sometimes things happen that are not easily explained by science

I’m not religious, but I am spiritual and a thinking person. I had to wonder, could it be, after we die, there is another dimension; Not heaven or hell but an afterlife very different from what we were taught? A dimension that allows for intervention.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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