Fine Artist, Cartoonist, Diane DiMassa

Artist, Cartoonist, Diane DiMassa

Hot Head Piasan

Presnted to Lulu

Diane’s drawing of me drowning in a sea of coffee is priceless, because she knew how much I love great coffee. This caricature was one of the centerpieces of her show, I was delighted when she presented it to me on the last day.

It was in 1996 that Diane DiMassa curated a show of her work at Lulu’s. She covered the walls of my tiny shop with 106 pieces, all different. So many people showed up they spilled onto the side walk and down the block. We stopped counting at 125. 

Artists from all over came to view and purchase her work. Some of the pieces were small and affordable, and some were much larger.
All 106 pieces were sold that night, with the stipulation they could not be removed until the end of the show.

Diane DiMassa Bio Photo, Blogspot

Friends and neighbors brought food and wine to share. I kept the store open because everyone was having such a good time. I finally had to say good night to everyone, but that wasn’t until about midnight. 

Every month I would let a different artist hang their latest work. Some of the artists were well known, but many artists were just beginning their creative journeys. 

I was determined to try to take the politics out of art, in my small way. 
Diane’s show was the most successful and playful art show I can remember.

Featured in Lambiek Comiclopedia

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