Espresso Shot, My New Publication.

Espresso Shot
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My new publication, Espresso Shot, allows me to publish in any format. Short pieces, longer posts, and in whatever format I'd like. It's freeing.
Followers can visit the site even if they're not paying the Medium $5.00 monthly fee. (If you love Medium you may want to at some point).

I'm not putting Espresso Shot behind the pay wall, I won't make a cent on most of these posts, but I may gain monetary reward in other ways.
I'm working on email tribe to stay in contact with followers, I would love that. Soon I'll send out a newsletter with a gift for signing up.

So many ideas.

After reading my bio you may have a question or a suggestion regarding stories you'd like to read.
Maybe a question regarding food or my about my coffeehouse.

Let's stay in touch, if you love stories that connect us, come visit.


"Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?” My Bio...

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