Is Political Correctness A Smoke Screen Concealing Racism, Sexism, And Hate

Replacing Old Prejudices With New Ones

Lulu deCarron

Black Lives Matter has become one of the most successful social movements since the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Their rhetoric, far from PC, put them in the cross-hairs of Law enforcement and legislators, labeling BLM a hate group. Even with that label, they are one of the most influential human rights groups in the post-civil rights ear.

“Eighty percent of Americans believe Political Correctness has gone too far and now creates more problems than it solves.”

A story comes to mind

It was late afternoon; the coffeehouse was quiet. A friend walked in to buy coffee and stay for a little conversation. He began to tell me about his first visit to the Mohegan Sun Casino. Just as he started his story, Jim, a customer of mine, walked in and ordered. He leaned against the door frame to wait for his coffee.

Michael began to go into detail about his night. “Lu, what a wild place, the interior decorated in an Indian motif, they dressed all the employees in Indian Costumes. We strolled around the lobby for a while then decided to have a drink, walking into the bar a waitress approached us to ask what we’d like, she was dressed as a squaw.”

In the corner of my eye, I noticed a pained expression on Jim's face; it replaced the lovely smile of a few moments before. I asked him what made him wince? “Lu, I don’t want to embarrass your friend or upset you.” "Jim my coffeehouse is about respecting people and listening to their stories, please let us know what pained you." With that, he then shared that he is half Cherokee, and the term “Squaw” is a painful ethnic slur.


We thanked him for sharing important information, and Michael apologized for his offensive word choice.

In the case of Trump, a serial offender of PC, his hateful speech illuminates his ignorance, racism and sexism. We know the limitlessness of his hate, and what he’s about, as heartbreaking as his words are to hear, he can’t hide.

"Every time Trump said something “outrageous” commentators suggested he had finally crossed a line and that his campaign was now doomed. But time and again, Trump supporters made it clear that they liked him because he wasn’t afraid to say what he thought. Fans praised the way Trump talked much more often than they mentioned his policy proposals. He tells it like it is, they said. He speaks his mind. He is not politically correct.  Moira Weigel, The Guardian

The far right has become skilled at using the term Political Correctness to drive a wedge between the working class and what it calls the Liberal Elite."  

"Trump’s incessant repetition of the phrase has led many writers since the election to argue that the secret to his victory was a backlash against excessive “political correctness.” Moira Weigel, Guardian

If our words offend someone, and we listen to understand why those words are offensive, we learn something. We replace “Politically Correct with “Respect.” Prefacing a statement, trying to remember which words are safe to use before we speak, is unnatural and may limit our creative freedoms.

This topic will be of great importance in the 2020 election year.

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Moira Weigel, Guardian

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